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The clinic is new but Dr. Rickner is not. He has done vasectomies for over 40 years. His experience and the quality of his work is represented in this clinic. It is immaculately clean, comfortable, easy to find and parking is proximate to the office entry. Staff is well trained, capable of answering questions and very friendly. Dr. Rickner has performed vasectomies for over 40 years. You can tell his experience because no matter what you ask he can not only give you the answer but can give you the reason for the answer. If you wish he will even give you the history of previous answers and why they turned out to be less desirable. It is a pleasure just to spend time with him and he will give you that time. His techniques are the most recent and you will understand them prior to the procedure itself. You will even enjoy the vasectomy music and the art work. This is the kind of clinic that we deserve in Tulsa. We are fortunate that it is now here. Would not change a thing.

Dr. Rickner and his staff are amazing! He took the time to answer every question clearly and with deep knowledge, even the ones that I was worried to ask. He explained vasectomy pros and cons from all angles. Staff was super professional and very friendly. Unlike others, the office atmosphere makes you feel in a fun place and his procedure and facilities were state of the art.

Some young patients, may be a bit put off, by his manner. I'm 68 years old, I had no problems, at all with Dr. Rickner. He is sort of an Old school, Doctor, type. I prefer his style, then again, I grew up with that kind of experience. It's just refreshing to me. He is helping, work out, problems I'm having in dealing with having Cancer and Diabetes, side effects.

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